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June 2019

Dr Alvin Wong and Dr Jonathon Munro

The unique issues facing rural practice owners. Stories and solutions from our journey.

Dr Alvin Wong and Dr Jonathon Munro graduated together from the University of Queensland in 2011.  While working together at the same practice during their first year working, they shared many theoretical discussions about how they would run the clinic, and how they might do things differently.  After finishing up at that clinic, they decided to put their money where their mouth is, and bought a practice in Regional NSW.
What they perhaps naively anticipated would be a relatively simply endeavour, they quickly learned was not.  After some very long hours and many mistakes, they started to find their feet and grew the clinic from 5 patients a day between them, to 3 full chairs.  After 12 months, they decided to open another practice in a very small country town roughly 180km away.   Dr Munro moved down there with his family, and grew the practice from $480k in its first year, to roughly $720k in its second year while also commencing his MBA.
Everything was going well until injury struck Dr Munro, requiring surgery and 6 months out of action.  During this time, there was a realisation for both of them, that there was more to life than just working and making lots of money.  Both Dr Wong and Dr Munro have now stepped back to work in the clinic only 2 days per week to free up time to spend with their young families and to pursue hobbies.
Practices in regional areas come with their own unique set of challenges, but also their own unique set of rewards.  Dr Wong and Dr Munro will be discussing some of their biggest challenges and how they were able to overcome them to create a very comfortable country lifestyle.