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October 2023

Dr Dan Pronk

Topic: Building Your Resilience Shield

This 90-minute keynote will provide participants with a thorough working knowledge of the Resilience Shield model. Woven throughout with vignettes from the authors’ experiences on the battlefields of Afghanistan, Iraq and Sierra Leone, it will provide participants with:

1) a deeper understanding of the constituent elements of resilience and stress
2) an overview of the Resilience Shield model – an evidence-based and academically proven model of robust global resilience
3) practical and immediately actionable tools to begin strengthening individual resilience
4) methodologies and awareness to assist leaders in developing individual and collective resilience within their teams

Speaker Profile
I studied medicine on an Australian Army scholarship.

After passing the punishing SASR selection course, I served on over 100 combat missions in Afghanistan as a frontline special operations combat doctor.

My casualties were fellow SAS soldiers, commandos, local civilians, and even the enemy.

The thrill of adventure and the challenges of battlefield medicine gave me a sense of purpose in testing my skills to the limits.

But the despair of being helpless to save my friends in their final moments haunted me.

Working as a civilian doctor.

My journey back to a fulfilling life began when I moved into medical leadership roles.

The medical skills honed in Afghanistan started saving civilian lives.

In 2021, I co-authored a bestselling book on resilience — and appeared as the lead medic, ‘Dr Dan’ on the hit TV show SAS Australia.

In 2022, I released my memoir, The Combat Doctor.

Outside work, you can often find me driving my vintage Lamborghini in the Adelaide Hills (or standing next to it awaiting another tow truck).

I’m married to an incredibly tolerant wife and have three sons.

I am just a small average guy who pushed himself to perform in complex environments. Now I can give you the tools to thrive.

Career Highlights:
→ Commendation for Distinguished Service (for combat actions)
→ NATO Special Operations Forces Medical Expert Panel Member
→ Successfully completed SASR selection and supported multiple courses

→ Building and maintaining robust resilience
→ Medical response in high-threat environments
→ Special unit selection preparation
→ Transition from military, law enforcement, and first responder roles.