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June 2019

Dr Wei Shen

Topic: My journey from associate, to new practice owner to a mature, 4 chair practice. Mistakes and key lessons I’ve learnt.

Dr Wei Shen graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2008. After graduation, she worked in country Victoria for 5 years before buying a practice in Sunshine Coast and moved there. It was a very impulsive decision and she didn’t do her homework well. She didn’t know anything about business or how much business should be worth. As a result, she encountered numerous problems running and managing the practice. Luckily, she met many mentors through Facebook DPR ( Dental Product Review) then later DPO ( Dental Practice Owner). And her obsession with professional development, communication skills and leadership skills began. In just over 4.5 years, she developed her practice from revenue of 400k a year to 1.8 million. Over those years, she made lots of mistakes and she will be sharing the 5 mistakes she made over practice ownership and what she learnt from them